Diversity Matters Awareness Week launches with EXCLUSIVE screening of BLAXPLOITALIAN// 18.04.16

I think that colours were created to make the world more vivid… – Fred Kuwornu, filmmaker

We’re honoured to welcome Fred Kuwornu to London College of Communication on the 18th April 2016 to screen extracts of his latest film “BLAXPLOITALIAN: 100 Years of Blackness In The Italian Cinema“;  a documentary which puts itself on the path of different waves of pioneers of African descent who, since the beginning of the 1900s, have worked in Italian Cinema – the first black man appeared in the 1913 film, Baldassarre Negroni’s “Zuma the Gypsy”

Ghanaian-Italian filmmaker, producer, writer and activist Fred Kuwornu is no stranger to us. It’s almost a year we reached out to Fred, born in Italy -based in New York, to organise a screening of his very powerful film “18 IUS SOLI” which questions the citizenship law put upon children born and raised in Italy of immigrant parents.. In response

Fred kindly extended a personal invite for members of UAL ACS (African Caribbean Society) to attend the screening at University of Reading (CLICK HERE for video). We’ve since hung out with Fred in Italy (CLICK HERE for Black Portraitures II) and New York (CLICK HERE for Black Italians in NYC)!



BLAXPLOITALIAN will aid the conversation “Diversity and the Media: the black presence and contribution to European Societies” and launches the start of “Diversity Awareness Week 2016” Followed by drinks networking reception.

17.30 – 20.00 18th April 2016 London College of Communication, Elephant and Castle SE1 6SB


Join us for our other events during Diversity Matters Awareness Week!

DM week invite2


ProductImage18 IUS SOLI – The strange case of citizenship in Modern Italy is available for purchase with license for public screening and educational libraries of universities.





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