#BritsSoWhite campaign victory!

After the disgrace of this year’s Oscars pungent lack of diversity #OscarsSoWhite, the Academy announced it would be taking steps to diversify the voting body. It’s this positive momentum from BAME communities taking a stance – whether it’s celebrities boycotting “whitewashed” Award ceremonies, or members of the public refusing to watch it – that brings about change.

TgijLGfMvaammxO-800x450-noPadAnd the demand for change is similarly as potent on the other side of the pond when we witnessed the “whitewash” of the BRIT awards this year, which sparked a #BritsSoWhite campaign. Backed by at least 2,225 supporters on the online campaign platform change.org, and trending press interest, the Brits organisers eventually put out a statement promising to improve diversity in future. This result certainly isn’t enough to change the lack of diversity reflected from our society in institutions, however it is a victory non-the-less that when we’re united, our voices get heard! CLICK HERE to read more about Petitioning Brit Awards by Anant Naik.

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