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#OccupyUAL: UAL SO White demands are OUT!


As a year anniversary of #OccupyUAL approaches; the student-lead campaign against cuts at UAL (University of the Arts London) which gained phenomenal media attention, #OccupyUAL is once again fighting back, this time taking the lack of diversity in UAL as a headliner with “UAL SO WHITE” campaign.

Inspired by the demands of the previous year, Occupy UAL aims to continue the discourse on institutional racism, including addressing the low levels of BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) staff in academic and senior management positions. This has had, and still is having a direct impact on the attainment and retainment of BAME and International Students.


After years of inadequate management by UAL to address diversity, inclusion and attainment issues facing BAME students and International students, a collective of UAL students and alumni are taking their demands to Nigel Carrington, UAL’s Vice Chancellor, to addresses the various institutional and structural practices which can be considered to be racist and discriminatory.

DEMANDS from UALSoWhite/OccupyUAL

1. For UAL to launch and fund a BAME and International creative council composed of BAME and International students, alumni and staff which holds the university accountable on all issues which affect BAME and International students.

2.  For all UAL staff including executive board, to have mandatory unconscious bias, cultural sensitivity and mental health first aid training in a safe environment, where their biases can be expressed and challenged in order for the staff to be able to engage more productively with UAL students

3.  For UAL’s KPIs to state “The abolishment of the BAME and International attainment gap in five years”.

4.  For UAL to implement a robust method for students to report cases of discrimination, where the panel is racially diverse and trained in all of the above. And when a student does come forward for the university to show that it acts and takes this behavior seriously.

5.  A 40% Increase of BAME academic staff in the next 12 months.

6.  For UAL to aim for at least 30% representation of BAME staff at all UAL committees and boards, on all levels.

7. For every UAL course’s content and curriculum to be reviewed and for all reading lists to include 60% Women and 45% BAME contributions, to better represent the current UAL student body.

8. In performance reviews, all academic staff to have proved how they have included diversity in their teaching and a demonstrable impact on BAME and International attainment.

9.  For diversity and internationalisation to be part of every UAL course re-validation process.

10. For the Executive Board to completely diversify and include elected student and staff representation.

11.  For UAL to increase the number of counsellors it employs; to make sure CBT is advertised, that the counselling team is diverse and that every student is offered the option of requesting a BAME or woman counsellor, and are able to easily change counsellor on request.

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For more information about equality and diversity at UAL, please read ‘ UAL’s and Diversity Report 2015

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