Diversity and the Media: Mentalmorfosis “transforming our thinking”

We kicked off last week on a positive note on “transforming our thinking” to produce the best reality for ourselves possible. Our guest speaker Franz De Paula from Mexico, joined us at London College of Communication to give a presentation of his phenomenal hand-illustrated book, Mentalmorfosis.


Here’s a video filmed at The Library, where Kai first met Franz De Paula and asked him to be a guest speaker at LCC.

To end the evening (and process the “food for thought”), we headed to Chipotle Mexican Grill taking the 176 from Elephant and Castle into the West End, to be welcomed with warm hospitality from the Chipotle Charing X branch team and a complimentary meal!

For pictures of the event CLICK HERE

This event was supported by SUARTS Culture & Travel Society and Chipotle Mexican Grill

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