Sara Shamsavari unviels her dynamic exhibition at Royal Festival Hall

In a lot of ways Sara Shamsavari reflects her dynamic exhibition The LONDON, PARIS & NYC VEIL series currently showing at the Royal Festival Hall as part of Southbank Centre’s WOW – Women of the World Festival (1 – 8 March), extended until March 29th

LONDON, PARIS & NYC VEIL series British-Iranian photographer Sara Shamsavari, a UAL alumni of Camberwell College of Arts, gave a private viewing of her exhibition in honour of celebrating friend and renowned photographer Daniele Tamagni‘s birthday during his brief visit to London. Friends from the creative industry including legendary Ghanaian photographer James Barnor were present for an intimate private viewing on the evening of the 18th March.

LONDON, PARIS & NYC VEIL series The LONDON, PARIS & NYC VEIL gives prominence to young muslim women in these urban cities by documenting and celebrating the expression of their individual identities through their vibrant hijab styles. The first of these series London Veil exhibited at Southbank Centre’s WOW – Women of the World Festival 13 and since Sara has extended the series to document ‘hijabistas’ in Paris and New York.

LONDON, PARIS & NYC VEIL series The photographic images feature alongside a video that gives further insight and context to the series through participants interviews.

The project is neither a critic nor an advocate of the veil but rather exists to recognise and celebrate its participants as strong, vital individuals who manage to shine, despite the struggles of youth, womanhood and prejudice they may receive as a result of the visibility of their faith. LONDON, PARIS & NYC VEIL series both illustrates and is inspired by the influence of our perceived restrictions, limitations and challenges. Those forces encourage originality, adaptation and in turn transform cultural expression into objects of beauty.

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