Black, Gay, & Proud: representation of LGBTQ in Film

As part of UAL ACS Film and Literature Festival and our campaign for diversity within University of the Arts London, we hosted a discussion on the 10th March about the representation of *Black LGBTQ in Film, Theatre and Literature. As well as addressing questions to our amazingly distinguished “Black Gay and Proud” panel; Rikki Beadle-Blair, Phyll Opoku-Gyimah and Stephen Hoo, questions from the audience made the discussion interactive and dynamic. Singer David McAlmont, model and actor Julius Reuben and Stud Life actor Kyle Treslove were notable names in attendance.

For a while “solidarity” was my favourite word, until I discovered its twin “intersectional” earlier this month when I read somewhere “If your feminism is not intersectional, then I’m sorry but it’s complete bullshit”!  I could apply the same equation to being black female fighting for diversity within UAL. So we can’t talk about diversity for African Caribbean Society members without acknowledging other marginalised groups. And this event was the making of that – intersectional solidarity! The more ‘intersectional’ we are, particularly marginalised groups (*Black, LGBTQ, Women and Disabled), combined with ‘solidarity’ – the stronger we are together!

Special thanks to members of UAL LGBTQ Society who were in attendance. We’re looking forward to collaborating and getting “diversity”  – right across the spectrum, visible throughout UAL!

Event update coming soon!

“Informative event. Really enjoyed it. This calls for a collaboration with UAL LGBTQ society!” – Lucy Howell, UAL student and elected LGBTQ officer

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