Diversity Icon: “Find that thing you can do at 3am in the morning… with your eyes closed!” – Kojo

“If somebody called you up at 3am and asked ‘can you do this?’… Whatever that thing is you can do with your eyes closed -that is what you do first!” – Kojo on finding your niche’

We invited Kojo to be guest speaker on the topic “Diversity and the Media: Finding your niche in the Media” as part of LCC Journalism Guest Lecture events on the 27th January. Kojo; a comedian, radio presenter at Capital Xtra, film producer, actor, and writer of his debut novel “Above Romance”, spoke about finding your niche in media industry…

Hosted by Kai Lutterodt, UAL ACS President.


We’ll be hosting more “Diversity and the Media” events this during the spring and summer term!

Kai and the ACS team

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