CaribDirect presents Reflections of the British Media #DiversityMatters

For years I’ve been going to events that focused on “black” professionals in the music or media industries… I’d attend with enthusiasm to ask questions, network and most importantly – to feel inspired – a sense of hope that I could fit into these industries.And for years, I’ve left such events almost always feeling frustrated. Every panelist was “professional” at giving the talk, but what about the action? There I was a young 19 yr old, motivated and seeking a step through the media door – and no one could give me a straight answer on how I could get through. And that was where my “us” (younger generation) against “them” (older generation – more specifically my dad, a music journalist) complex began; “they don’t want us to get their jobs” or “they want us to struggle the way they did (I’m pretty sure that’s still applicable to my dad)”!

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