ACS shakes up UAL with “Beauty and the Beat” welcome event!

There aren’t many “proud students moments” I can count during the 3 years I’ve been at UAL, however since taking on the role as UAL ACS President, I can count at least 5 – and the biggest was on Friday evening when ACS shook-up UAL with a welcome event “Beauty and the Beat“!

Thank you to everyone who attended, those who’ve supported in their own way be it through donations or even subscribing to our blog! Our ACS welcome event was one to remember and we’re hoping the theme of diversity continues throughout UAL!

The capoeira group also turned up with their instruments, so we sambaed and forróed till late (taking the celebrations into my living room, as the Dark room bar had to close early)… Here’s a message I wrote on Facebook I’d like to share with you:

3am Sat 8th: “Finally! My day can end… And it’s been a long one! However I can’t officially end it without saying a BIG THANK YOU to our great panelists; MsAfropolitanLekia Lée, Toyin Agbetu, Derica Shields, our special guests Julius ReubenToyin Toni, Afrocenchix and my tutors (who aren’t on my Facebook!), Tesco Elephant and Castle esp manager Mehmet and the Tesco ABCNetwork, UAL Capoeira Society, Spoken word artist MOAK, ACS membersand friends of ACS… and my friends who turned up just because I asked them to!…

If I ever doubted my position as ACS president over the last few months in this role (it’s been harder than expected trying to involve members!), last night made all it all disappear! THANK YOU to all the ACS members and supporters of UAL ACS who attended OUR UAL ACS Welcome event “Beauty and the Beat” event!… We’re slowly shaking up UAL! We have a voice in this university – there’s room for ‪#‎diversity‬Ebi Osuobeni you were a wonderful host and you make a fab ACS Vice President!”

We raised £63.30 in donations (including ticket sales of non-members) which is going towards ourHaiti volunteering trip Summer 2015 and the Sai Baba Centre in Haiti which helps feed 2000 needy children each day. You can still make a donation – click here Thank you x

Here’s a taster of the event in pics. Video to follow after I’ve had a good nights sleep… Once again – THANK YOU ‪#‎ProudStudentMoment‬

Watch the video preview click here.

ACS Welcome event "Beauty and the Beat"with Journalism tutors Simon Hinde, Andrea Mason, joined by Model Julius Reuben and Artefact writer/ACS VP Ebi Osuobeni

 Photos by Kai Lutterodt. Please ask permission before using and link to this website
Apologies the Open Mic didn’t take place. Cat from the Darkroom bar didn’t arrange security so they closed at early. But that means there’s room for one more event before the year ends… Get your vocals warmed up for an Open mic Christmas special coming soon!!

We need your feedback! It’s really important so we know what kind of events to organise in the future. Please share your ideas on the event. You can email me or leave your feedback in the comment box below. Thanks!

And don’t forget – we’re STRONGER in numbers! Please support UAL ACS by becoming a member click here

Kai and the ACS committee x

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Tesco support UAL ACS and tweet it!

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